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Think about it…………….You have no excuse to take this training because our clients have returned from the

CoVid19 break an ‘ABSOLUTE WRECK!!!’

Your clients need you to take this training!

You need to be seen as the EXPERT!

We MUST have a plan of action for these ‘distressed scalps!!’

We have to help them because they will lose their hair from lack of adequate scalp care and from YOUR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE!

look at this…..we ALL have these clients!

Now we can assist them with a 10-week at home study course

Think you can’t do it…there’s no way you can not do it!

Payment plan……….not an issue! Make low & timely payments or We can get you approved with no credit check and low-payments

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You’ll have a handbook of lessons to print with the protocols and education I share so you will make your investment back immediately!!

I can hear you saying…….”I don’t have the time or money…”
You don’t have the time?….that’s a lie! If you have time to Netflix and chill, you have time!

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Also, it’s a few hours a week for 10 weeks. Watch the video and let me know when you want to get started!

Are you tired of dealing with the DRY, flaky SCALP ISSUES that never go away?

Become the Expert
Are your clients tired of having:
itchy scalp
Become the expert
clients took a  visit to the dermatologist?
They’re still not satisfied?
Are they bringing in the shampoo that makes hair feel like chalk!
Getting steroid shots?
Become the expert
Today is the Day!

Learn the keys to helping your clients FINALLY rid themselves of this issue!!

I solve simple problems for stylists!
I provide education and a way to help stylists arm themselves and clients with solutions!!

You owe it to your clients, your salon and yourself to give me 30 minutes of your time!!

What else are you doing?
This can add another stream of income to your business and set you apart because you actually know a-little-bit more-than-the -next-person!

Have you considered learning to become a trichologist?
Start putting the keys into your hands by learning about scalp health today!!

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Hey y’all for all who don’t know me or haven’t met me, I am a 51-year old Certified I.A.T. Trichologist, Wellness Specialist and Master Herbalist here in the New Jersey area. I aim to share all that I pour out to all my clients-into YOU! I’ve worked with and studied under the experts and Certified Trichologists- Nadia Hughes, from Hair Again in San Antonio, TX, Yvonne Solomon, (GA), David Salinger (director of the I.A.T), Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Donyelle McBride, Rodney Barnett, Dr. Shawon Gulette, Dr Sheryl Duchess, (Naturopathic Dr.)

I want to share with you how I transitioned my Trichology practice from solely a hair salon, to providing Trichology consults starting at $150 in 2015 to now $497-$2,997 without batting an eye by focusing on stabilizing client’s issues and providing what they need!

I share with you how to not ‘give it all away’ and how to not waste your time, but still continue to follow-up with them to increase retention and make timely sales and not give it all-away by focusing on the client’s pain, needs and wants!

We’ll cover some brief anatomy, skin cells
P.H., scalp health
body systems related to the skin & scalp
how to use a scope
building your retail
working with area dermatologists
Business & Nutrition are bonus extras and a whole lot more!

We’ll also cover…………………..Why are clients suffering?

  • Why are they losing their hair?
  • Why is the hair brittle?
  • Why is their skin so dry?
  • Why is my skin scaly?
  • Why do I have this Pityriasis ALba fungus all over my face?
  • “I can’t seem to take a perm or color because of my eczema……..’
  • We’re gonna talk about All-OF-THAT!!!!I’ll see you soon or connect with me here:

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